Portrait Arnfinn Sørensen

Journalist with many years in the Norwegian Broadcasting Corp. (NRK) and the popular science site forskning.no. Has made radio, text and interactive media about popular science, technology, belief and philosophy. Here, I continue along these lines.

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Drawing of robot dog escaping from it's ownerWe Can't Control AI

– because we can't control ourselves. (Published on the blog platform Medium.)

Robot utkledd som medlem av House of Lords i StorbritanniaThe AIs have it

Human stupidity had it’s chance. Let AI try. (Published on the blog platform Medium.)

Silhuett av nakent tre mot klar vinterhimmelThe Tree in Me

Where do the branches end and the rest of the Universe begin? (Published on the blog platform Medium.)

Robothand and human hand, draawing by artificial intelligence DallE-2ChatGPT Is An Alien

Machine intelligence can never be human. Because humans are not machines. But machine intelligence can become something else. And Man should reach out a hand. (Published on the blog platform Medium.)

The Russia-pentalogy

In the shadow of the Ukraina crisis, I In the shadow of the Ukraine crisis, I came to terms with my troubled relationship with Russia, experienced through growing up with a communist for a father and later several trips to the vast country in the east. Here are the five articles collected. They are published on the Medium blog platform.

My father and me and Soviet soldier guarding war monument in Treptower park, Berlin, 1968.Russia, My Father and Me

I want to tell a story about Russia. Not the objective truth about that beaten, abused and abusing land — whatever that might be — but my story.

Novosibirsk, winter 2001.What I learned about Russia from Pavel and Manya — part 1

Two Russians showed me what this abused land can do to brilliant minds and warm hearts.

Novosibirsk, summer 2016.What I learned about Russia from Pavel and Manya — part 2

After fifteen years of Putin, an aspiring Russian man resigned into apathy and a trustful little girl became a young woman who trusted only animals, not humans.

Vøringsfossen, Norway, summer 2018.What I learned about Russia from Pavel and Manya — part 3

A fragile father and daughter relationship breaks up — like so much else in their home country.

Vøringsfossen, Norway, summer 2018.The Scars of Russia

Three visits, two lost friends and one lost father have scarred my relation to Russia and myself. Is there forgiveness?

More entries

Water poured into coffee filterholderCoffee Cup Technology

What is good technology? I found the answer in a filterholder. (Published on Medium blog platform)

VR 120 – The «Imax» of VR (10.24.2019)
My experiences with VR video – and suggestions for a new format.

Ambisonics – the Basic Way (10.24.2019)
I share my experiences with this exciting surround sound format, perfect for VR video.